Back to Light

memoryfield teams up once again with Robyn Cage to deliver another moody and dramatic little musical gem featuring powerful vocals, minimalistic guitar and keyboard lines (Preston/Gamero) that slowly build in their intensity to a climactic finish. The drums (Zac Bryant) hold back until finally exploding at the end as the song takes an unexpected turn. There's even a Theremin in there somewhere. Classic, true-to-form Progressive Indie Mood-Rock from memoryfield and Co. If you dig the dark and romantic vibes of Florence and the Machine and the eclectic mystery of Kate Bush, you might really get into this one.

Moonage Daydream

Anyone who knows both the members of memoryfield and their long-time friend and vocal collaborator Robyn Cage will also know that they are all massive fans of the late/great David Bowie and his timeless music. Others may also be aware of their fondness of lighting things on fire in the deserts of western Utah (pianos, mannequins, etc.) and capturing it all on film. The video production of this cover of the glam-rock classic by David Bowie is just way over the top, bombastic and loads of fun. Cage was so highly fueled on caffeinated beverages the morning of the shoot, and so hyped on the energy of the song that apparently she swung a microphone stand wildly during filming that unwittingly struck guitarist Preston directly in the mouth, knocking a tooth loose.

Lost to the Sea - Part II

You will easily be able to hear many similarities between this newer original by Preston/Gamero and the cover of The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) that was recorded by the group with Robyn Cage in the spring of 2018. How so? The strange and exotic guitar tuning that was used by Jimmy Page to construct the many different musical sections of The Rain Song left such a deep impression on the memoryfield guitarist (Preston) that as the Led Zeppelin cover was being recorded, this additional composition was also being written simultaneously. One of the few times that an entire memoryfield song was constructed (musically) prior to any lyrics even being written for it. The music inspired the words, rather than the usual order of lyrics first, musical arrangement second.

Dark Matter

memoryfield recorded and released roughly a dozen different tracks with singer/songwriter IRIS between 2015 and 2017 before her untimely departure from the group in early 2018. This particular collaboration showed promise of greater things to come and represented a movement toward a more progressive musical direction. A mixture of prog-rock, powerpop and classic hard rock with prominent keyboard activity, the song seems to conjure up a modern take on The Doors, Joy Division, David Bowie and even hints of Pink Floyd and Rush.

The Rain Song

Robyn Cage joins in with the band as they joyfully cover the mighty Led Zeppelin. In this beautiful rendition of the epic ballad from the Houses of the Holy LP, released in 1973, memoryfield and Cage channel the energy of the original while still managing to keep it fresh and new with the addition of a traditional Indian instrument (Shruti Box). Rounded out with layers of shimmering electric and acoustic guitars, a seriously dominant bass line and we have a new take on an old classic.


The classic 1977 hit by Elvis Costello is given a new treatment by memoryfield with help from special guest Iris. This one is loads of fun and will take you back to that strange moment in time somewhere in between Punk Rock and Disco but before New Wave, when polyester suits filled our closets and vinyl LP records sat contently on our shelves. Filmed in what appears to be a bizarre time capsule of a basement somewhere deep within the bowels of Orem, Utah, one has to ask the question as to whether or not Barry Manilow knows that someone has indeed been raiding his wardrobe.


An original composition by Iris, Wolves brings a subtle but very distinct Latin vibe into the mix of performances by this trio. The beat is infectious and the video is strangely appealing with beautiful and colorful outdoor shots taken at the historic amphitheater in American Fork Canyon near Provo, Utah, and Sundance ski resort.

Can't Get to You

memoryfield performs this fusion of modern pop and classic rock with Billy R. Preston taking the lead on vocals and guitar (and bass), Juliet Gamero on keyboard and vocals and Jason Jones on drums.

Crash and Burn

memoryfield and Iris teamed up and wrote this one together.  The video features a lot of things crashing and burning, so be prepared for it.   Fasten your seat belts and remember to always keep your hands on the inside of the vehicle at all times.

Park City Television

memoryfield and Iris were invited to perform for the second time on PCTV, hosted by Terry Burden, and played three songs (Wolves, Can't Get to You and Fire).

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

memoryfield and Iris cover the classic song by the greatest UK band of the 1980's, The Smiths. Words and music by Morrissey and Johnny Marr.